Shaping the future growth of a sustainable, safe and secure shipping industry.


We work for smart, global regulation that will help accelerate the decarbonisation of shipping. We are also looking to reduce other air emissions, protect marine life, stop invasive species, and ensure responsible recycling and waste management.


We work to ensure a safe workplace for crew and on-shore transport workers, focusing especially on container safety and seafarer health.


We work to increase the security of ships, cargo and personnel, contributing on topics ranging from piracy protection, cyber risk, and the security of the international supply chain.

Covid-19 action.

Covid-19 has been especially hard on seafarers, not being able to transfer off or on ships - seafarers should be recognised as key workers.

Healthy competition.

We work to ensure that liner shipping continues to work in an ethical way to contribute to the smooth functioning of international trade and the intermodal transportation network.

90% of everything you buy has been brought to you by sea.

We work 24/7/365 to keep world trade moving.