Connecting the world and building prosperity through trade.


Building prosperity.

Trade is the backbone of the global economy, and liner shipping makes it possible by offering cost efficient and effective transport for everything from raw materials, food, and machinery parts, to consumer goods like clothes, furniture and electronics.


International Liner Services.

Liner Services by container and roro carrier allow us all to connect on a global scale and our communities to interact with various cultures around the world. Read about these services and the regions they reach.

How container shipping works.

Join us on a step-by step journey to learn how the trainers you just bought have made their way from the factory to the store.

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Top 50 Container Ports.

Learn about the world’s busiest ports and how annually they compare to one another in TEUs imported and exported.


Shipping regulation.

The UN International Maritime Organisation is the main regulator for shipping, but the industry is also under a host of national and regional regulations when it comes to the environment, safety, security, trade and business governance.


Facts and Figures.

Learn about the composition of the shipping industry, the role of liner shipping, and how we contribute to growth and employment in economies across the world.


Liner shipping vessels.

Learn about the container and roro vessels that operate across the world, keeping continents connected.


Educational Resources.

Learn more about liner shipping and what goes on throughout all aspects of the industry.